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Better access to safe and healthy food

Every day, we work towards ensuring better access to safe and healthy food for a growing population. We do this by providing our customers with the products and services they need to look after their animals and manage the sustainable development of their businesses. This is reflected in our company’s mission and vision.

Our mission

As a family business in animal nutrition we provide a growing contribution towards sustainable production of safe and healthy food. We do this by advancing our customers – the producers of meat and milk – and by continuously improving quality, transparency, and cooperation throughout the food production chain.

Our vision

DDF Pakistan – The Animal Nutrition contributes towards the sustainable availability and accessibility of safe and healthy food across Pakistan. We do this with the utmost care for climate, environment, and animal welfare. With our products, knowledge and experience we contribute to the development of the agricultural sector, the improvement of living conditions and economic development in the local communities in which we operate. We achieve this with involved and entrepreneurial employees, who continue to develop themselves. Together we take responsibility to realize our vision every day.

Animal Nutrition that is our core business

DDF-Pakistan an Animal Nutrition is a producer of a complete range of compound feed, premixes, concentrates and feed specialties. Our customers are small and large farmers, integrations and dealers. We provide them with nutritional concepts that ensure maximum animal health and optimal performance. Allowing them to feed their animals every single day. We invest throughout the supply chain to support the development of the agricultural sector.

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Get the right nutrition for your animals

With a rapidly growing world population and rising standards of living, demands on agriculture and food production are increasing. Food production must be optimised and made accessible in a responsible manner. As a leading supplier of nutritional products for animals, DDF Pakistan directly supports the performance of farmers, the producers of animal protein such as meat, milk.

Besides delivering high quality feeds, we also offer in-depth knowledge about nutrition, animal health, animal husbandry and animal farming, helping customers achieve efficiency and make technological progress. We also help farmers improve their ecological footprint.

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Our Story


The leading name in the industry, DDF Pakistan Group has been instrumental in making available first-class lot of Cattle Feed. With our experience of more than 3 decades, we are operating as a manufacturer and supplier in the domestic market. Our meticulously manufactured range of animal feed covers all farm livestock.
DDF- Pakistan primary objective is to provide trusted animal feeds, fodder seeds and customized nutrition solutions to help maximize the performance of small and commercial farmers. We have developed strong strategic alliances with global leaders in the feed and seed industry over the years strengthening our business profile.
We occupy a unique position across the agri industry of Pakistan. Our focus is to improve the economic well-being of our local farmers, enhance the sustainability of food production, add value along that chain and drive profit for our partners. We do this by investing in new sciences, pushing the use of technology, using data to deliver insight and driving real time improvements. Our Quality assurance department plays a pivotal role. Central to our business, the quality assurance team ensures that all raw material to be used, as well as the feed which is produced, conforms to the company’s nutritional and physical specifications. DDF-Pakistan quality assurance program follows a comprehensive approach which encompasses the people, policies, and procedures involved in each stage of production. Extensive testing is performed on our inputs, intermediate product as well as the final output. Our research and quality staff consist of highly qualified veterinary professionals and microbiologists who keep a close eye on all aspects. The Quality Assurance team at DDF-Pakistan strives to ensure that no bag leaves our premises till the stipulated standards are met.
DDF-Pakistan biggest test has been to challenge the conventional feed practices in the country. While we continue to face resistance, we are proud to stand firm in our stance against aflatoxin and blood meal content in animal feed. DDF-Pakistan continues to educate farmers about the dangers to both animals and humans of using these contents in feed.